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IUMA: The Band of Indie Artists

Welcome cyber travelers and lovers of music,

"We're all an army of individuals" ...Bono (U2) What you will find here is raw. We don't make apologies for that. Instead, we believe there's a real value to music that's made by people, instead of constructed by corporations and teams of media "experts". We haven't done market research. We aren't second-guessing what we think you want to hear, and giving you that. We're making music we sincerely believe in, and putting that work up here intact, submitted for your approval, as Rod Serling used to say. We think you'll find our combined effort a refreshing change of pace, and a worthwhile alternative to the mainstream productions foisted mercilessly on the public, by the corporate media machinery. Although we are doing this as a group effort, there is no one of us, telling the others what to do. We decide for ourselves, then share our independent effort with the rest of the "band", and you, the listener. If you like what's offered here, great. We hope you'll continue to come back for more, as the Band Of Indie Artists evolves. If you don't, we hope you'll at least appreciate that there are people out here, who are willing to make a stand, to uphold values and concepts that we believe in. Thanks to Alan and AJ, for doing so much to put this whole thing together... and to you, the listener, for being open minded enough, to spend some time here on "the road less travelled". We hope you'll find the time spent worthwhile.

With All The Warmest Regard,

The Band Of Indie Artists.

More great music can be found on The Band Of Indie Artist's next page here at IUMA For all the latest news check out our official web site at


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